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Polymer clay artist update: Dayle Doroshow

Versailles Blooms I: Dayle's series of flower brooches 
inspired by gardens at Versailles, skinner blends and millefiore

I am very happy to be able to bring you an update from Dayle, one of the most innovative polymer clay artists I know, again this year!  You can find features on her here on Beading Arts for both 2010 and 2011.

Artist: Dayle Doroshow
Dayle Doroshow
Dayle Doroshow blog

Fruit Burst- Brooch and pendant using Millefiore and applique

I'm very inspired by the time I spend in France in the summer teaching workshops there. The natural surroundings, the architecture, gardens, gorgeous food, colors,  light-  really get my creativity jump started.  I'm also still enjoying the exploration of fabric and polymer clay. I like to create a fabric wall collage and then design a piece of jewelry inspired by the collage. It's my sideways approach to designing polymer clay jewery. The collage might inspire the shape, the color palette, the imagery, or maybe just a feeling or mood.

Versailles Bloom II: a series of flower brooches inspired 
by gardens at Versailles, skinner blends and millefiore


Red Hat- fabric collage

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DVArtist said…
Very nice. Thanks for sharing Dayle with us