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Acrylic jewelry display pieces

1059 Acrylic Risers

When you decide to start making jewelry for sale instead of just for yourself and friends, there are a lot of details to hammer accounting system, how you plan to market and advertise your work, whether or not you're going to sell online and/or in physical venues.  Well, there is a company called Achieve Display that can help you with the pieces that you may need to show off your wares to their best advantage if you decide to sell at craft and art fairs, in boutiques, in galleries, or in your own retail space.

1338 Winged Earring Display Holder   

1339 Slant back Earring Stand 

Clean-lined black or clear acrylic displays are one of the most useful items you will find, especially if you're going to be moving your display around frequently.  Most of the displays stack, and all are light weight, making transportation easy.  Light weight is also helpful if you just like to change your display around frequently, and I definitely advise that you do...each change helps to make the jewelry look fresh.

1371 Acrylic Hand Display, 11"h

So here you'll see some of the display pieces that Achieve Display sent to me to look over and try out.  Make sure you stay tuned, because I'm going to be giving away some of them during the next two months as a part of the holiday giveaways that I always like to do!  In the meantime, check out the large selection of display pieces at the link above...there are also larger retail displays too, and displays for other types of businesses!

1460-1 Acrylic Tray w/ Lid, 12"w x 8"d x 2"h

1337 Bracelet Display, 12 1/4"w x 7"h

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Thanks for the tips, I will check out this company today. I need to refresh my display fixtures before next spring.
Lori in Atlanta