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Seasonal orange beads giveaway from The Best Beads

My friend Ekaterina at The Best Beads has a wonderful treat in store for a lucky winner!  Here's what she's including in the fabulous giveaway package:

Preciosa Czech Glass Bugle Beads 10g Orange and Silver Lined 7mm
10pcs Orange with Marble Stone Coating Flat Ovals Picasso Table Cut Beads 18x12mm
25g (approx 1000pcs) Neon Opaque Orange 8/0 (2.9mm) Preciosa Rocaille Seed Beads
25g (approx 300pcs) Neon Matt Orange 7/0 (3.5mm) Preciosa Rocaille Seed Beads
40pcs Orange with Marble Stone Bicones Picasso Special Cut Beads 8mm
100pcs Orange Lined Faceted Rounds Fire Polished Beads 4mm

Traditional Czech Beads


Would you like to win these beads?  Here's what you need to do...please read this carefully.  Visit The Best Beads and then leave me a comment here on this blog telling me what other style of beads you would like to mix with these, and include your email address.  If I don't see your email address, I won't be able to contact you.  No contact, no win, and I simply have to go on to the next person.  You are welcome to spell it out if you'd prefer, for example, cyndi at mazeltovjewelry dot com.  If you tweet or post on Facebook or other social spots about the contest, you can leave a second comment and be entered twice! Deadline: October 23, 2013

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Turquoise and black seed beads and a few of both of you beautiful handmade buttons with gold decoration. They are awesome! My email address is
KayzKreationz said…
I'm loving orange right now. I think these beads would also go great with the beads in the giveaway:
Black short daggers, pressed beads;
Matte Light Scarlet with copper edge twisted oval lampwork beads;
Preciosa Czech Glass Twisted Bugle Beads 10g Black 7mm

Anonymous said…
I think what would go best with these orange colors would be black natural opaque, terra cotta natural opaque, and rainbow violet preciosa rocaille... 11/0 seed beads , and Copper Flat Circles Pressed Beads. That could be fun! leslee_357 at
Betsy said…
Some amber faceted rounds would be great! Thank you so much for the chance
Unknown said…
30pcs Ruby with Gold Swirled Balls Picasso Fire Polished Beads 8mm

25pcs Royal Red Balls Picasso Fire Polished Beads 6mm

I thinks Browns, Greens, and Yellows representing fall colors would be awesome with the orange beads, oh and reds. just to represent like the changing of leaves and such.

my email is
I also posted a link to the contest on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, Facebook is

and twitter is @heather27410
Sandy Arthur said…
Nice bead selections. I like the flat rounds and the twisted ovals as well. I'll be back! Sandy email:
I like the Aventurine beads. I think they would pic up the orange really well.. and I would love to use some of their cones and dagger beads...

Thanks. I will be posting to FB also.
Brkn2Reborn said…
Oooohhhh any of the bicones! I always have a pattern that calls for them and don't have any handy at the moment! You always have the coolest giveaways! The Best Beads has a very pretty selection, I can never choose!
Unknown said…
Hello, thanks for such and awesome giveaway. Other kinds of beads I would use would be seed beads in a variety of colors. Like black, whate, blue, red, green. I would use different shaped beads as well. Like, bicones, rondelles, Black Bottom-drilled Cones Pressed Beads, twin & super duo beads, Opaque Orange Glass 'Pumpkin' Melon Beads, and melon beads. I could go on and on. I have so many ideas floating around in my head with what I could do with those beads. Thanks again for this awesome giveaway. Happy Halloween. Here is my email,
Denise said…
Well, I finally figured this out. Would love to see lampwork beads that have orange, black, yellow. Also, some bronze large seed beads would be a nice touch. The multicolored bicone beads are so pretty. I have so many ideas that I am having a hard time trying to narrow them down. The lacy metal beads are so much the eyecatcher!!
Unknown said…
Black seed beads and the black short daggers would work for me.
Unknown said…
I liked this on Facebook.
Anonymous said…
I would add a selection of all different types of black beads intertwined,with the orange beads. Crystals, bicones, square, seed, ovals, round, just a wonder bead soup!
Unknown said…
Well, lately, I have been finding so much inspiration in Bollywood/Indian costumes & jewelry, and orange colors lend themselves so beautifully to that, so with that in mind, I would probably choose:

10g (approx 700pcs) Transparent Red 9/0 (2.6mm) Preciosa Rocaille Seed Beads
30pcs Ruby with Gold Swirled Balls Picasso Fire Polished Beads 8mm
Dark Red with Gold Decoration Flat Ovals Table Cut Beads 17x14mm
40pcs Turquoise Bicones Pressed Beads 6mm
and maybe some
30pcs Dark Topaz Short Daggers Pressed Beads 16x5mm.

However! Since it *is* Autumn/Halloween, it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to use the orange beads in a seasonal themed project! So, if I did that, I would probably choose:

10g (approx 1300pcs) Lustered Black 11/0 (2.1mm) Preciosa Rocaille Seed Beads
Preciosa Czech Glass Twisted Bugle Beads 10g Clear and Silver Lined 4mm
30pcs Black Barrels Pressed Beads 10x8mm
and lastly, I would DEFINITELY use some
30pcs Black with Silver Stars Barrels Pressed Beads 12x9mm because I am in love with them!

Sorry for doing two projects - I just couldn't decide!

My email is: xundreamx (at) yahoo .com
Unknown said…
p.s. Liked on Facebook! :)
ACBeads said…
I've chosen three styles of beads from the shop:
1)Dusty Blue and Lime-Orange Piggy Beads,
2) Grey with Marble Stone Bicones Picasso Special Cut Beads
3) Brown and Silver Lined Twisted Bugle Beads.

I've shared this great giveaway on Facebook:

Thank you,
Anonymous said…

I like the following beads as well:

100pcs Red and Yellow Faceted Rounds Fire Polished Beads 4mm

30pcs Crystal with Red and Yellow Faceted Rounds Fire Polished Beads 6mm

30pcs Black with Chrome Faceted Rounds Fire Polished Beads 8mm
My email is
Carolyn said…

Thanks to you and Ekaterina for the giveaway. I would love to win these beads.

I would add the Matte Gray with Silver Edge Twisted Oval Lampwork Beads.

Thanks For the organizing this giveaway. I would add:

20pcs Grey with Copper Flat Pentagons Peacock Pressed Beads 14x15mm

Love the color and shape.