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Bead embroidered pink pendant...or is that "Radiant Orchid"?

In the process of preparing to write the second chapter of Bored By Back Stitch, I made a LOT of these little pendants to try out my ideas.  Since some of my favorite colors happen to coincide with Pantene's favorite color this year, I fell under the spell of Radiant Orchid!    

1. This one started out with a bezeled flat rectangular bead.  I added RAW to the top half and chevron stitch to the bottom.

2.  All the holes were filled in with appropriately sized beads.  The larger ones are 4 mm.

3. I added short stack stitches the whole way around.

4.  Add backing fabric with edging brick stitch all around the outside and decorate with short stack stitches  (Free instructions available).  A square stitch bail finishes off the back.

5. And done!  I wear it on a black rubber cord.

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Robbie said…
Very nice, Cyndi....I don't need another project right now!!! But you never know...I've purchased all your other ebooks!! :)