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Bead Journal Project: May 2014

Tidal Pools

I've been wanting to play around with shibori ribbon for quite some time now!  I got waylaid by soutache braid for a few projects, but it didn't really satisfy my deepest urges.  Shibori now...that's a different story.  I've actually experimented with creating some shibori fabric myself for a quilt, but the beautiful shibori ribbons that I bought are a far cry from my fabric, which was coarse muslin, not silk.  Still, it gave me an appreciation for the process.

So, for my Bead Journal piece for May, I used shibori ribbon stitched to interface-backed fabric as the foundation for a cuff bracelet.  It is backed with an ultra-suede type fabric.  I didn't end up with any of the fabric foundation showing, so that might have been kind of a waste, but it did help me to settle on colors.

I did end up using a few of the bead-weaving stitches that I've adapted for bead embroidery (see Bored By Back Stitch), but mostly I used regular back stitch and stack stitch for this piece.  A friend has suggested it be called Tidal Pools, and that seems appropriate to me with the pearls and the ocean jasper focal!



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Love the dramatic cuff, Cyndi... especially the pearls repeating the bubble motif in your focal :) I actually hadn't heard of shibori before participating in a themed challenge in April... it is surprisingly adaptable as a component :)
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! I've really fallen in love with the ribbon...there are so many possibilities to explore!
Robin said…
You took to shibori ribbon like you'd been working with it for decades! I love the colors, and what an exquisite focal stone. What is it? Glass or stone?
BluMoon said…
Cyndi, this is a lovely cuff, Tide Pools is a good name for the sea shore feeling you get from this wonderful cuff. I have wanted to try silk shibori ribbon myself it is so gorgeous but wouldn't know where to start applying it!
Cyndi L said…
Robin, thank you...the stone is an ocean jasper. They come in so many different colors, but those ringed spots are sort of their trademark. And thank you Jackie too! I'm posting a tutorial in a few weeks that will show you how this was done...maybe it will give you a few ideas about where to start :-)
Unknown said…
Such a wonderful combination of Gemstones you have used.. Fabulous creativity.
Gorgeous, Cyndi And the name suits it perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Cyndi, the cuff looks exquisite! It looks like a piece of art. Could you also take a picture with the cuff on your arm? To see how it looks? Thank you, Natalie