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Fiber suppliers for beaders and jewelry makers

Soy Silk Roving

I like to be able to share reliable suppliers with you from time to time.  If I haven't personally checked them out, then someone I know and trust has.  Believe me, I've checked out most of them...that's how bad my fiber addiction has become!  I'll be adding this list to the Suppliers link that is always available up in the tabs at the top of the page, so you don't need to bookmark it.

Marion's Jewels in Fiber
Cords and threads of all different types.  I buy her C-Lon nylon bead cord.

Aria Design Studio
A distributor of pleated shibori ribbons, created by ShiboriGirl.

Beyond Beadery
Another distributor of ShiboriGirl ribbons.

Ribbons and Silk
Silk ribbons and sari fabrics

Soutache braid

Dharma Trading
Fabrics and fibers, ready to dye.  All your fabric paints and dyes as well.

Soy silk roving and other fibers

The home of every type of fiber goodness you can imagine.

Sources for metal mesh ribbon