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Business tips from the blogosphere - Spring 2014

Things change.  Has your website, blog, and marketing plan kept pace?  Here are my recent picks from my favorite sites:

Unique website building tools
7 Types of headlines that will turn on people's attention like magic

Designing an MBA
Should you have one shop or two?
How I grew my Pinterest followers

About Freelance Writing
4 Reasons you probably shouldn't write a book

Rena Klingenberg
Color schemes for the 2014 color of the year
She only wears "real" jewelry
Pantone Fall colors

Jane Font
Etsy vs Big Cartel: which one is best for you?

All Indie Writers
Content theft
101 Resources for freelance writers

Luann Udell
Return to me (Not!)

Jewelry Making Daily
Pantone's Spring Color trends

Beading Daily
How to bead like a Designer of the Year

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