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Bead embroidered turquoise pendant

Do you see a pattern forming? :-)  After last week's pink pendant, I decided to go ahead and show you another of my "trial run" pieces.  It's fun to practice on smaller works! 

1. I bezeled an oval-shaped bead, using a classic peyote bezel style.  See the tiny black beads at each end?  They are size 15/0 seed beads instead of size 11/0 seed beads so that it will pinch in on the ends.  Next I added an additional row of peyote and morphed it into RAW, which I continued for a couple of rounds.  The last row is short stack stitches.

2. The whole piece is edged with edging brick stitch, as usual.

3. I added stacks and accent beads to the edge.

4. The usual square stitch bail for the back...

5. ...and it's done!

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Robbie said…
VERY nice!!!
Cherie Burbach said…
Oh man, these are totally my colors. HINT. LOL! I love what you're doing with this.
I love that you even do bead woven bales. I's totlly coordinated and beautiful, Cyndi.