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Crazy for crazy quilting!

I showed you a little sample crazy quilt block that I made for Kathy Shaw's online crazy quilting class, and now I have more!  My first original modern crazy quiltlet has no beading, so I hesitated to show it here, but what the's my blog!  It does have a very few sequins, so that's alright.  It may not look like a crazy quilt to you, but it follows the rules of having all the seams decorated, and it has additional embroidery motifs for fun.  I call it 30 Second Hot Flashes.  Guess why?  :-)

30 Second Hot Flashes
Cyndi Lavin, 2015

My second crazy quilt block is a bit more traditional, but instead of true patchwork, it uses faux patchwork with a single piece of cloth (raw silk), and "seams" that were first basted on by machine, and subsequently have been hand stitched with perle cotton thread.  Some of my patches are beaded, and some are not, and it's also not done yet.  But this is my last chance to show you before I'm taking a break to spend time with my family.  Here's what I've got so far:

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Renee said…
Beautiful work! Kathy's classes are great. :) I love the bird you stitched. Gorgeous!
Robbie said…
I think I did comment before on how much I liked your 'traditional' crazy it...but the 30 sec. hot flash is SO cool! The stitching around the blocks (uneven) is a great addition! Very cool!!!