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This is the first piece that I was able to make after the tragedies of 9/11/01. That's a long time for a piece to sit around unsold, but it was obviously waiting for just the right person. Well, that right person showed up last week, and with a custom modification to the piece and earrings to match, it's ready to leave home!

I will always be grateful to my co-worker Mona who nudged me into creating again after that horrible day and the horrible days that followed. I'm not a person who works well from pain, although I know a lot of artists do. Not me. Mona urged me to make something red, white, and blue. Anything. Just make it.

I couldn't bring myself to do all three colors, but the clear vintage and red crystals spoke to me at that time. The original piece was made with a Torah scroll charm, but my client requested a cross instead. Both can be seen as symbols of freedom ~ from ignorance and sin ~ so it felt like the right thing to do for her. She in turn will be presenting it to a young woman who has given countless hours of her time to serve others.

What a good home for "Freedom" to go to!

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