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Whew! It's over!

Thank you to everyone who emailed me to wish me luck with the program! I was literally shaking while I watched the show. Besides the fact that I think I looked terrified most of the time, it went ok.

Then I went to the HGTV website, and found that they had made up some really interesting things about me: my kids were all grown up when I "started taking jewelry classes..." Hmmm...that's news to me! Never took a class, began before my kids were born, etc etc etc. OK, don't let me get too picky.

If anyone wants to try making one of the necklaces, the directions are posted here:

Bead-Embroidered Heritage Necklace
Optical Lens Pendant

I wasn't allowed to use brand names ~ but you all can know that the "polymer medium" that I use for photo transfers is Golden's matte medium. I'll probably post the directions here on the blog in the tutorials section in a week or so.

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Anonymous said…
Great job! I'm printing out both projects as we speak. I love how you combined so many different mediums.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Tammy!

Hey, and thanks so much for reminding forum folks to watch the show :-)