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Happy New Year!

Like all good goal-setting fanatics, I love love love New Year's Day! Actually, I also love May 1st and September 1st, because I usually set goals three times per year. That may be taking it too far for some folks, but I feel better when I divide the year up into bite-sized pieces.

Of course, January 1st is still the granddaddy of them all!

As far as art goals go, I've divided them up into art development, website improvement, and marketing. I'm going to post some of my goals for my mixed media work on my other blog, and just give you a sample of my jewelry goals here:

Website improvement ~ My primary jewelry website is a bohemoth of semi-developed ideas. I want to systematically go through it and decide which pages to keep, which to consolidate, which to update, and which to eliminate. The other jewelry website is more to my liking, a lean mean to-the-point machine!

Art development ~ I plan to continue with an online bead art group that I joined, the purpose of which is to work on a different aspect of our art each month. This will end in May, so it fits my yearly goals perfectly as well. For the next four months, I want to focus much more strongly on my own original work, and not so much on faster production-style pieces.

Marketing ~ Besides adding another tutorial or two to my blog list, I'd like to return to publishing in magazines. A couple years ago I started doing this, but then I just let it peter out. Time to correct that!

Those are the highlights for the next few months. I'm going to spare you from having to wade through my personal goals!

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Anonymous said…
You should for sure start sending to magazines again, Cyndi! You have so many innovative ideas. Oh, and I like your idea about goal setting 3xs a year.