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HGTV countdown!

Ryan, Celia, Lorelei, & Eric

Well, at long last, the countdown begins! Two weeks from today, at noon on HGTV, the segment that I taped with these wonderful people will air. At least, it's supposed to! When we taped it, the show was called "Crafters Coast to Coast," but now it seems to have morphed into a show called "That's Clever!" Same show though.

I probably wasn't one of their more exciting subjects, since I opted out of a lot of the goofy stuff...but they were all so professional and so nice to me. The projects I'm demonstrating are 1) a beaded heritage neckpiece, and 2) an optical lens pendant. After the show has aired, the instructions for how to do the projects step by step will appear on the HGTV website. I'll be sure to put a link to them in my tutorials list.

For now, this is all there is:
HGTV link

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