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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

What a rare occurrence, where the two holidays coincide like this! At our house, we've got the Menorah on the piano, the Christmas tree in the bay window, and the lava lamp right next to the fireplace...don't ask!

I am thrilled to say that after a week in which I worked like a crazy person, I am now finished with all that needs done, and we are trooping off to see Narnia this afternoon. By "we," I mean Mike, Dani and I. Nate will probably fly in from Guatemala next week. (So we might have to go see Narnia again. Darn.) We've all been out of sorts since the Lord of the Rings movies ended, and Narnia promises to be a nice replacement this year.

This morning while I was baking up the last of the cookies and dinner for tonight, our oven's heating element decided to burn out. Fortunately for us, the sweet young couple who live in our apartment were going out for the morning. And they'll be out tomorrow afternoon when I want to cook the prime rib too!! Also fortunately for us, we bought them a brand new, really nice stove last spring :-)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and wonderful whatever-you-celebrate...perhaps Festivus?