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Beaded cabochon pendants

An easy way to create a quick pendant necklace is to find a gorgeous fused glass cabochons or bead (these beads are from Jeanne Kent at New Terra Artifacts) and add some simple bead embroidery around it. But who can stop with just one?

I added seed bead bails done in square stitch to the backs of these beads, and they are all set to hang on a rubber or cord necklace, alone or as a set!

Materials & Tools

6 inch square piece of ultrasuede or non-woven synthetic material
Nymo O, black
3 fused glass top-drilled beads, 25x15 mm
Seed beads, 11/0: peacock iris, cobalt ab, silver-lined red violet
Seed beads, 15/0: hex cut champagne
8 Swarovski 4mm bicones in amethyst 2xab
Fabric glue
Beading needles, size 13

1. Glue and/or stitch a fused glass cabochon or bead to a small piece of ultrasuede.

2. Use backstitch to outline around the cab, making sure to use an even number of beads. Build up a few rounds of peyote stitch on that base row, switching to sparkly contrasting beads for the last two rows.

3. Add a row of flat brick stitch around the cab.

4. Add decorative stitching like picots or whip stitch to the brick stitch base.

5. Clip the ultrasuede close to the stitching, leaving between 1/16 and 1/8 inch. Glue the piece lightly to another piece of fabric.

6. Clip the base layer of ultrasuede even with the top layer and stitch together using edging brick stitch.

7. Stitch picots around the outer rim of brick stitch, adding small Swarovski crystals where desired.

8. Stitch 6 beads (back stitch) to the top of the back. Make sure each bead is anchored to the ultrasuede. Add enough rows of square stitch to curl around and create a bail.

9. Stitch the last row of square stitch to the first row.


Copyright 2009 Cyndi Lavin. Not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed for profit. May be printed out for personal use or distributed electronically provided that entire file, including this notice, remains intact.

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marisadesaztre said…
They are fantastic and de tutorial too. ¡¡¡Thanks a lot!!!
Cyndi L said…
I'm glad you like them! Enjoy :-)
Firefox said…
I just started learning the beads embroidery. Thanks for your detailed master-class!
Cyndi L said…
You're welcome! These little projects are great to start with, since they work up quickly. You can practice all the stitches, try different ones to vary them up, and then move on to larger more time-consuming projects :-) I'd love to see what you make!
The Beading Gem said…
Just stumbled on this great tutorial! Love the little crystal edging details which is so different from what others do. Will definitely feature and link it so others can come visit!
Thank you for posting the project, now I have something to occupy my children on a rainy day!