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Bead Journal Project: March

Here's my next installment in the Bead Journal Project for this year.  We went to Guatemala to visit our son's family in the orphanage they help to run.  Bright colors abound in the clothing and other textiles in Lake Atitlan region, and so I drew from the inspiration of that trip to make this button.

Link to tutorial
January Button
February Button

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Anonymous said…
Love your project! Thanks for that listing from your blog post. I especially liked the one with the beaded bead and want to try to do that one!
I love, love, love it. Fab Idea!
Anonymous said…
I just LOVE these!!! What will you do with them all when you are finished???
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! Mandy, I'm still trying to decide what their fate will!
Trish said…
Considering the background story, the colors are just right! Nicely done!
Bead bezeled watch faces was such a terrific idea. I'm enjoying seeing every one of them.