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Jewelry jobs

My friend Tammy Powley has written an article on jewelry jobs for's Job Searching site. She covers quite a few different career paths that you can consider besides the obvious "jewelry designer"... not that there's anything wrong with that!

One of the career paths she discusses is becoming a jewelry rep.  That's an interesting topic all on it's own, because I always hear people asking about how to find a good rep.  Here's another article you should probably take a look at, whether you want to hire a rep or become one: Hiring a jewelry sales rep.   And think about this: if everyone is looking for a good rep, maybe that's a niche you could fill.

And what about teaching?  There are so many opportunities to teach, from your local bead store to club meetings to national gatherings.  Make sure you read through this article on Experience vs pay scale before you sign any contracts!

Image: Tammy Powley
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Genevieve said…
Great articles, thanks!