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Getting publicity without breaking the bank

Getting good publicity for your business is a great way to up the odds that you'll sell more. So often we just think about advertisements, but they are enormously expensive for someone just starting out. Actually, they're enormously expensive, period, but they are (probably) worth it for folks who are well-established. To get there, think about adopting some of Jan Hansen's tips in Get publicity for your jewelry business.

Build your own ultimate press list Meredith Keller's steps to success helps you to think outside the usual box.

Modish Biz Tips also provides us with a huge list of blogs that will do reviews on appropriate products: Submit your shop to blogs

Even though this post is a bit older, many of the sites listed on it are still a good bet for you to check out.  Artist Toolbox: 30+ Places to Promote Your Art

9 things to do to make sure your next blog post is read by more than your mom Darren Rowse of Problogger wants to make sure that you know how to get maximum exposure.

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jamberry_song said…
Fantastic resources; thanks for sharing these!
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These are great resources. Thank you!
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great resources..thanks!