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Style Guide for Green!

A guest post by Natalie Bell, in which she follows up on her post about the jewelry trends at the Oscars with some pertinent information on the favored color, green.  Thank you Natalie!

Following on from last week’s post, this week we go into more depth with the colour green and how it can be used to compliment your spring style...

Connotations of the Colour Green

// The colour green is situated between blue and yellow in the colour spectrum. These bright, fresh colours are all often associated with spring; blue skies, yellow cornfields and freshly cut green grass.

// Green is also habitually connected with nature; that great outdoorsy feeling! Think tea parties and enchanting forests!

// It is also known for its calming and soothing effects; running rivers and trickling streams. Very relaxing!

Tip: You can recreate this outdoorsy woodland feeling with Beads Direct’s range of wooden beads.

Green Effects

// Several shades of green used together create a fresh, springtime feel.

// Using green with blue reverberates nature; waterfalls, blue skies.

// In reference to Mardi Gras; green combined with purple can create a lively juxtaposition. This is due to their opposing positions on the colour wheel; a vibrant contrast! Also, when combined with yellows and oranges, it can create a fresh, fruity palette.

// Also, when combined with yellows and oranges, it can create a fresh, fruity palette.

// When combined with pastel colours, such as lavender, champagne, baby pink and peach, this can create a fresh, springtime, floral feel.

// For a more vibrant variation you can use opaque beads in block colour patterns.

// For a more vivacious look you can use vivid coloured beads in block colour patterns to take you through to summer.

Tip: Beads Direct’s range of pearl beads work like a dream when trying to recreate that fresh, springtime, floral feel!

Green Glossary: Getting to grips with green

Green can appear in many different forms, ranging from blue through to yellow and beyond! So we have created a green glossary to help you identify with the different varieties!

Aqua: Electric cyan
Aventurine: Spangled creamy forest green
Blue Zircon: Lively pastel blue with green undertones
Chrysolite: Light olive green
Chrysoprase: Bluish to apple green
Emerald: Rich green with a faint bluish cast
Jade: Silky light mottled green to imperial bluish green
Olivine: Olive green
Peridot: Sparkling light green, varying from crisp apple to lime and olive green
Sea foam: Fresh whitish green pastel
Teal: Deep bluish green, dark cyan
Turquoise: Greenish shade of cyan, an amalgamation of pale blue and green

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