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Seed bead artists from the archives

 Morwyn Dow

I love sharing new artists with you, but I don't want to forget about the ones we've already visited with! Especially because new people are joining our happy little band of bead and jewelry crazies every day, and they may not have seen these terrific artists!

Please drop me a line if you'd like to share your work! There's always room for more :-) Just email cyndi @ (remove the spaces) anytime.

Rebecca Brown

Susan Shaw

Morwyn Dow

Karen Paust

Margie Deeb

Denise Perreault  (update)

Dulcey Heller

Amy Clarke Moore

Tina Koyama

Mary Tafoya

Beverly Ash Gilbert

Nancy Peterson

Jean Hutter

Kathryn lane Berkowitz

Sylvia Windhurst

Paula Motsinger Meyncke 

Susan Sorrell 

Annika deGroot

MaryLou Holvenstot

Cheri Meyer

Dawn Dalto 

Paula Huckabay

Shaaron Chambers

Wanda Harvell

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Robbie Payne

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flyingbeader said…
it is fun to look at all these again. Thanks for the reminders.