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Pueblito: Fair trade jewelry and gifts

I heard from Ana Corradine, who wanted us to know about a fair trade company working with natural products of Columbia:

At Pueblito, we work with artisans in South America to design, distribute and wholesale eco friendly fair trade jewelry and crafts. Our products include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wallets, coin purses, key chains and more.

Our items are made out of Tagua nut (vegetable ivory), Coconut, Totumo Gourd, Bamboo and various seeds found in the Amazon rainforest and rainforests of Colombia. All of our products are fair trade and the materials used to make the pieces are natural, biodegradable, non-pollutants and renewable. Our two chief aims are environmental preservation and giving talented but disadvantaged artisans an opportunity to participate in a leveled global market.

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WindyRiver said…
Thank you for posting this info - it's good to become more aware of where our supplies come from and to support companies that produce products in a more ethical fashion.
Lody said…
Great share! I love the first set.