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Book review: Maggie Meister's Classical Elegance

I'm so excited!  The next wonderful volume in Lark Publishing's Master Class series came out in August, and it's a beauty!  Maggie Meister has authored Classical Elegance, a gorgeous set of projects inspired by Maggie's love of classical architecture, mosaics, tiles, and jewelry.

It is probably best if you already have some beadweaving experience before you tackle most of Maggie's designs.  Still, there are very clear instructions for many beadweaving stitches included, so an extremely motivated and patient beginner will be able to reproduce some of the projects and work up to the more advanced ones.  Even the most difficult are composed of smaller components joined together.

Maggie shows you how to combine the different stitches, flowing from one stitch into another, which may be exactly the step you are missing to take your own beadweaving designs to the next level.  Gorgeous gorgeous projects and solid technical information...this book is inspirational in all the right ways!

Lark Publishing has made several resources available to help you decide about this book: they have posted two free projects and an interview!

Free project PDF of the Artemisia Earrings

Special BONUS project for the Fiore Earrings, NOT included in the book!

Interview with Maggie Meister

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