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Making your bead stringing designs unique

Make your own components or beads
Work with asymmetrical designs
Use multiple strands
Develop a recognizable style
Use unusual materials
Choose daring color combinations

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who live in the USA!  Though everyone around here will be lying on the floor and groaning from too much turkey and trimmings, I still wanted to share some more designs with you that I thought might give you some ideas for your own work. 

I'm not suggesting that you reproduce these designs exactly, but instead that you think about the elements that we've been talking about (listed above) and see how you might include some of them in your own work.  There aren't even tutorials available for all of these pieces, but most are simple enough to figure out! 

The beads are made from fabric, fulfilling the first directive, to make your own components or beads.  

An asymmetrical design, anyone?

Multiple strands and some bold color combos too!

Unusual to eat a lot of fortune cookies too!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Cindy! Those are some nice designs thank you for sharing.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Therese! Happy day and lots of pumpkin pie too :-)
duckletshut said…
Thats great ! I like the Spring Fling one..