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Unique bead stringing with Michelle Mach

Make your own components or beads
Work with asymmetrical designs
Use multiple strands
Develop a recognizable style
Use unusual materials
Choose daring color combinations

Next up in our November series on making your strung jewelry truly unique is my friend Michelle Mach.  You'll know Michelle from Beading Daily, and also from the wonderful blog hops that she sponsors.  Michelle graciously gave me permission to share these terrific projects with you.

Celestial Sparkle
If you can only afford a single strand of beautiful borosilicate glass beads, what should you do with them?  Michelle chooses to wear them in an asymmetric style, featuring a stunning clasp.

Sari Sunrise
Multiple strands of relatively inexpensive beads make a wonderful support for a gorgeous pendant!

Sorbet in August
Combine some unusual playmates to create a bright, fun, casual design.

Tammy Powley
Michelle Mach

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I love Michelle and I love her work! She is a true original and a very stunning addition to the beading world, in her thinking and in her carefully executed projects. They are all so beautiful!