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Unique bead stringing with Tammy Powley

Make your own components or beads
Work with asymmetrical designs
Use multiple strands
Develop a recognizable style
Use unusual materials
Choose daring color combinations

Last week, I challenged you to think about different tactics that you can use to make your own handmade beaded jewelry unique.  I am so excited to tell you that several of my extremely talented friends have stepped forward and offered to share not only inspiration pictures, which was all I really was expecting from them, but also TUTORIALS to go with almost every design!!!  Wow!  If some of them catch your eye, remember to vary the materials, colors, and exact design in order to make the results truly your own!

First up is my friend Tammy Powley.  You'll know Tammy as the guide to jewelry making, and as the author of many many books on beading and jewelry!  Thank you so much for these wonderful projects, Tammy!

Endlessly Knotted No Clasp Crystal Necklace Tutorial
Tammy shows you how to knot between beads and then connect the ends so that you have no clasp and can just pull it over your head to wear.

Midnight Pearl, Crystal, and Chain Necklace
Tammy made a beaded strung necklace and then extended the length with a large piece of chain. You can wear the chain in the back or pull the necklace around and wear the chain on the side.  This is a great example of working with asymmetrical designs.

Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet
Use a ceramic piece as the focal along with a large chunky amethyst beads and string on a double strand of glass beads onto leather. The clasp connects to the front of the bracelet.  Tammy has used a very bold color combination here!

Polymer Clay Pumpkin Vine Necklace
Learn to make pumpkin beads using polymer clay, and then string them up onto a necklace.  Need I mention that Tammy is showing us how to make our own unique beads here?  Since it's too late for Halloween this year, consider what you could make for Christmas!

Tammy Powley
Michelle Mach

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Love love love Tammy and her tutorials! Hooray!
xox jean
Cherie Burbach said…
Great collection of tutorials here. Thanks for teaching me something new again today. :)
They're all wonderful. I especially like the pumpkin one - how cute!

Thank you, Tammy & Cyndi!