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Home jewelry parties

Once you've mastered your techniques and built up a reasonable amount of inventory, what can you do to immediately start promoting and selling your jewelry?  Consider booking home jewelry parties.  A surprising number of successful jewelry business owners say that this is the least expensive and most immediate way to launch that there is!

Interested in trying out home parties?  One of your first decisions needs to be what type of party you'd like to have.  Are you going to offer finished wares, or have party-goers choose the finishing elements themselves?  Will you focus on a theme (Twilight still seems to be very popular right now...go figure!), on specific items of jewelry, or will it just be everything you've got?  Once you've made these opening decisions, your success will depend mostly on doing your homework:

Meylah writes about her top 10 tips for throwing a successful jewelry party.  After you've read through this short post, you'll probably have a better idea if jewelry parties are for you.  If so, read on...

Rena Klingenberg helps you figure out the details, especially the financial ones.  Do NOT miss her article on successful jewelry home parties

Preston Reuther has written a number of articles on home jewelry parties.  His focus is on wire, but many of the tips transcend the medium. 

Do you have some friends who offer services that are compatible with your jewelry?  Maybe you want to consider a more complicated destination party

Or perhaps your friends are just too tired to spend an evening at a jewelry party.  What about an earring lunch?  My brilliant friend Lori Anderson came up with this!

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Sarah Sequins said…
I love the idea of a jewelry party. Nothing beats seeing a piece up close! :)
Cyndi L said…
Agree! And I think that the enthusiasm of some guests can easily spill over onto others :-)