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Ammonite bead embroidered necklace - part one

Any suggestions for a name?

I finished this ammonite bead embroidered necklace a few weeks ago and have been busy since trying to figure out how to best share the process with you.  There are so many details that I felt I could cover, especially since this is seed bead month, but I didn't want to spend four weeks on it and get all bogged down.  So my "brilliant" solution is to show you the basic construction steps now and to tackle some of the details, like the bezeling, later.

If you don't already have a copy of my free e-book chapter (scroll down just a bit to find the free one), which covers the basic bead embroidery stitches and walks you through the process of assembling a necklace like this, please go help yourself...I'll wait.

Ok, let's get to work!

1. Here are the pieces that I made for the necklace.  I tried to make a few more than I thought I'd actually need, and that worked out well, giving me a couple of options.  Each of the pieces has a finished back and outer edge, but I haven't added any additional embellishment to the edges.  See Chapter 1 for instructions on finishing off the back and edges.

2. Lay the pieces out and shuffle them around until you like the arrangement.

3. Use a paper pattern to determine how they should best be oriented.

4. I used red thread to indicate the points at which the pieces would be stitched together with free form peyote stitch.

5. Chose some accent beads to go in between each piece.

6. Stitch the pieces together with free form peyote stitch, maintaining the angles that will make the necklace lie nicely.

7. The pieces have all been stitched together now.

Next week, finishing up the necklace 

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Paul Bishop said…
Wonders of the Ancient Seas
Life beneath Ancient Waves
Love As Deep As The Ocean
Tidal Weaves
Venus on the Half Shells
The Beautiful, Bountiful Depths
Sarah Sequins said…
Paul came up with some awesome titles!

This was a very helpful post, Cyndi! I'm just itching to try this technique. :)
flyingbeader said…
Wow love the color and the pathways you've used. To me it all looks like gears in a big machine so how about:

Mother Nature's Gears
Nature's Pathways
Nature's Inner Workings
The Natural Machine
LisaS said…
Wow, so interesting to see how this piece was put together!
Karen Williams said…
Nice! It's always fun to see glimpses into other's design and construction processes. Thanks for sharing!
Manola Maria said…
Lovely piece of jewelry. Because of the dark colors I would name it "Sea Depths".
WindyRiver said…
Absolutely stunning!