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TAST week 11 - whipped wheel stitch

This was not my best result to date!  Since I've worked with whipped wheel stitch before, I thought I'd get tricky and turn it into a clam shell.  That would have been fine, but you can see that in my first row, where the two parts come together, I wound the thread the wrong way.  I didn't figure that out until I had finished the entire thing, so I decided to leave it as an object lesson: pay attention to the basics!

Depending upon how full my Take a Stitch Tuesday quilt becomes as this challenge continues, I may very well go back and add a few more clam shells.  And this time I will do them properly!

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Annet said…
It looks like a pretty little dress! It's not wrong, it's just a pretty variation!
Cyndi L said…
You're very kind!