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Ammonite bead embroidered necklace - part two

Ancient Waves

Last week, I walked you through the initial steps of constructing my new ammonite bead embroidered necklace.  This week, we'll finish up, and I'll once again ask for your help in naming it!

8. I added stacked stitch as embellishment all the way around the edges (edging brick stitch), both inner and outer.  Instructions for edging brick stitch and stacked stitch can be found in Chapter 1, my free e-book chapter.

9. Here is a detail shot of the edge.

10. I used size 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads for this embellishment.

11. Hammered oval links were added to the two ends of the necklace with a square stitch bail on the back.  This bail style is covered in Chapter 3.

12. Make a hook for yourself from wire or choose an appropriate hook and attach it to some heavy chain.

13. Make a dangle to finish off another length of chain. 

14. Attach the chains to the hammered ovals.

15. Complete!  Now what to name it?  I've gotten some great suggestions, and I've got to get on the ball and pick one now!
Every Bead Has a Story, including the free chapter one

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flyingbeader said…
hey thanks for showing how to do the clasp. That is one of my weak points as I never know what to do at that stage. I like the hammered oval look with the wire clasp. Guess I need to take a few classes on wire working to add this to my list of possible endings.
Sarah Sequins said…
I love the look of wire wrapping and chain with bead embroidery! This gives me an excuse to get out some of my forging tools. :)
sue said…
Only you can name this beauty - I am in awe of you. Your work is divine - this necklace is a masterpiece! A one and only - one of a kine in the true sense of the words.... Glorious - whomever wears this will look beautiful no matter what they are dressed in - whether it be a plain outfit or a dress for success - I love this!
Cyndi L said…
You guys are so kind! Thanks for your encouragement. But Sue, I really am name challenged ;-) My friends usually come up with much better ideas than I do.