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My favorite seed bead suppliers

My favorite on-line sources… 

Delicas and other Japanese seed beads in all sizes, fancy shapes

Empyrean Beads
Many antique and vintage seed beads

Seed beads with dichroic coating ~ fantastic!

Great selection of Japanese seed beads with quantity discounts.

Beyond Beadery
A site which tends to have all the newest shapes and colors.

…and my favorite catalogs

Rings and Things
A huge selection of larger seed beads and mixtures

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DVArtist said…
Really can't go wrong with any of these suppliers.
Thanks for sharing them.
Robbie said…
Cyndi! thanks so much for the reference. I just looked at WHIMBEADS online...never knew of them before!! Thanks again!!!
flyingbeader said…
Wow those dichroic are so beautiful...and pricey little things. Love Beki & Shawn over at favorite too.
Sarah Sequins said…
I've got to check out those Kawahara beads! They sound gorgeous. :)

Thanks for sharing your resources with us!
WindyRiver said…
As always Cyndi - thank you for sharing! I wasn't familiar with whimbeads but checked out their site and liked it! Thanks again!
thecatlou said…
I'm so lucky!! Whimbead is right in my neighborhood, Shawn is really nice, one of my favorite bead shops as well as for online shopping.