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The Business of Art

Having a jewelry business isn't for everyone, anymore than any other profession is.  Sometimes I think we're a little too blithe about our decisions to start with: we forget that now our beading time is going to be split with marketing, sales, education, trend tracking, and everything else.  It takes a lot of work to be successful and a different way of thinking from the fun of being a hobbyist.  There is nothing wrong with being a  hobbyist!  In fact, if you don't want to handle your jewelry or bead business like a business, maybe you'd be better off not going into business!

That said, here are a couple of resources to help you get started or help you refine what you're already doing.  Rena Klingenberg has posted about How to write your own jewelry business plan.  Don't want to have to write one?  Think twice about going into business! covers the business of art. Everything from copyrights to dealing with galleries, from selling online to teaching. There are articles galore, and I'd be willing to bet that some of them will answer the questions you have about running a jewelry business!

Alyson Stanfield has shared a simple approach to Identifying your income goals.  This is an important step in knowing whether or not your business is successful.   

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Robbie said…
So nice of you to provide folks with additional resources and information, Cyndi!
Paul said…
This is one of the most difficult parts for me, finding time to market myself. If I can't find time to update my website properly, I'm not going to be able to make and execute a business plan to make this into a full-time job, as much as I'd like to accomplish that.

I need peons or minions. :)
Cyndi L said…
Our son sent DH a stuffed minion for Christmas this year. It was a brilliant move ;-)