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Book review: I Can Right Angle Weave

 Lark Publishing has started a brand new series, specifically for beginners, called the I Can series.  This is great news for those who have fallen in love with their Master Class books, but who want to move into new areas and stitches.  The first is I Can Right Angle Weave, written by Mabeline Gidez.

If you've found right angle weave (or RAW) challenging in the past, you might want to get this book and try it again!   The problem with many beginner books is too many words, not enough pictures.  Mabeline agrees, and so she has included almost 500 diagrams, practically one picture for every single step.

With only a few exceptions, RAW has never been my favorite stitch.  It is complicated until you settle into the rhythm, but that's not why I never cared for it.  It's because I see everything through the lens of how it relates to my beloved bead embroidery.  So until I figured out how RAW added a nice touch to bezels stitched for irregularly shaped cabs, I just wasn't very interested. I may have to change my mine!  Although this delicious book focuses on beadweaving with RAW for its own sake, I can see so many embellishment possibilities. 

I Can Right Angle Weave is very comprehensive, covering all the ins and outs of stitching basic flat RAW, increasing and decreasing, using RAW as an embellishment, following curves, working in a tubular form, and stitching up variations on basic RAW like the polygon stitch.

Would you like to try a few projects from the book before deciding?  Here you go:

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