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Jewelry and beading shows with classes

Jewelry and beading classes are offered all throughout the extravaganza from January 30 through February 18 in Tucson. Here is some general information on Tucson, including including links to all the individual shows: Tucson Show Guide

Besides Tucson, there are many beading shows throughout the rest of the year that also offer classes. Why should you take a class this year? Why not just learn everything online (preferably for free)? Well, there are actually lots of good reasons to go the hands-on route, and here are just a few of my best tips: you won't waste as much in materials, you'll learn the techniques properly and efficiently, you'll have a chance to have your technique corrected if need be, and you'll figure out which tools and materials you must have as opposed to just want to have!

The Innovative Beads Expo
Shows and classes in the northeast only.

Bead&Button Show
Milwaukee, WI.

Best Bead Shows (Crystal Myths)
Tucson, AZ. Click on Bead Shows.

To Bead True Blue
Tucson, AZ.

Down the Street Bead Shows
Southeast locations only. Click on Class sign up page

Puget Sound Bead Festival
Puget Sound, WA. Click on Classes

Gem and Jewelry Show (JOGS)
Tucson, AZ. Click on Classes

Intergalactic Bead and Jewelry Shows
Click on Classes for each individual show

International Gem and Jewelry Shows
Free beginner workshops with Wendy Simpson Conner
Click here for Wendy's schedule

Interweave Bead and Jewelry Events:
Bead Fest classes

Whole Bead Show
Click on city to see class schedule

New York City

Adorn Me!
Art Unraveled's wearables workshops

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