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Reader question: a chain that doesn't fit

Hi Cyndi,

I just purchased a copper pendant that did not include a chain, so I purchased one today online.  After I purchased it, I realized the 3mm snake chain is not going to fit through the round copper hole that is attached to the pendant.  Do you sell a copper part that I could attach to the existing hole on the pendant that will be large enough for the chain to go through?  If not, do you have any other suggestions?  When I retire, or maybe I should say if I retire (will be 70 yrs old shortly) I would love to create and make my own jewelry.   So I aspire to what you do everyday.  

Looking forward to your advice.   Continued joy and blessings in your jewelry making!

Best wishes,


Hi Carol,
Thanks for your question!  This is a common problem to end up with a chain that won't quite fit through the bail, but often it's because the end of the chain, and not the chain itself, is too big.  I don't sell anything that would help you, but I might still be able to help...not sure.  Not knowing what your pendant and chain look like exactly, I can make a few suggestions.  Can the end of the chain be removed to slide the chain through and then replaced?  Can you drill out the hole or have someone else do it for you to make it big enough to accommodate the chain?  Could you buy a couple of larger jump rings that the chain would fit through and add them?  Could you buy some copper wire and fashion your own bail?  Here is an example of that:
Charm Necklace

I hope you will be able to retire to a lifetime of making things.  It is a great life, and I have been very truly blessed.

Best ~

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