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Jewelry artist: Elisabeth DeCaprio

Each piece of Elle Desire Jewelry is gorgeously handcrafted by Elisabeth DeCaprio, mega-talented French born artisan, in her New York City studio of the finest materials & supreme workmanship. The self-taught jewelry maven produces small assortments and custom designs for private clients that include Drena DeNiro (daughter of the famed actor). Some items are even customizable to "build your own".

Elle Desire Jewelry brings us the most exquisite 1-of-a-kind pieces in high quality sterling silver, fine silver, tarnish resistant silver, and 14KT GF set with a wide variety of stunning gemstones and pearls.

Elisabeth has just released the "Love Collection", just in time for Valentine's Day.  Hearts dominate the “Love Collection” as they are the focal point but created with an incredibly contemporary spin.

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