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Book review: Create Three Dimensional Jewelry

Gazing at a book that featured the jewelry of Miriam Haskell provided Heather DeSimone with her big "light-bulb moment," showing her that jewelry could be built in more than just one direction, thus in more than just two dimensions.  But her turning point was when she acquired a huge warehouse full of Lucite beads and jewelry components.  Now she wanted to not only build really cool 3D jewelry, but she also wanted to show the world that plastic is not a dirty word!  Create Three Dimensional Jewelry, published by Kalmbach Press, will help to make that dream a reality.  

This is a really fun book.  The organization is excellent, teaching you first how to build some of the basic pieces that will be the "building blocks" of dimensional design.  The materials are a little different from what you might be used to, so Heather has gone into quite a bit of detail in this section.  Section two has the projects, with step-by-step instructions, but also lots of suggestions for using alternate materials or colorways.  The last section covers some of the basics of jewelry making that you'll always find in Kalmbach books, so never fear, even if you are a complete beginner!

Heather stresses that there is no "one way" to do things.  In the step-by-step photos and instructions for the 21 projects, you'll learn how to effectively layer components, make beaded clusters, rivet metal pieces, and lots lots more!

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Shai Williams said…
God I wish that I just happened to acquire a warehouse full of beading supplies. I would be in heaven.
Cyndi L said…
Yeah, no kidding? :-)