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Combining bead embroidery stitches for more complex motifs

From the moment I finished writing Bored By Back Stitch, I was pretty sure that there would be more to say on the matter. It took almost no time before I was starting to wonder how to make the bead embroidery motifs even more complex and interesting. There were different colors and shapes of beads to explore, certainly, but I also had the nagging feeling that these stitches needed to be able to be combined in order to reach their full potential. Since the stitches used are all bead embroidery adaptations of beadweaving stitches, it only seemed logical that the next step would be to work out ways to make them play well together, rather than always keeping them in their own part of the playground. 

And so I wrote a second chapter to Bored By Back Stitch.  This new chapter looks at how to combine the stitches from Chapter One into more complex patterns and motifs, allowing you to work seamlessly from one stitch to another as you desire, resulting in a more organic look like the examples shown here.  You'll learn how to create half-and-half bezel surrounds, separate and attached bands, puzzle piece designs, and quilt inspired designs.  There are also two more step-by-step projects included to help spark your creativity in combining these endlessly fascinating stitches.   

Combining Stitches for More Complex Motifs

Like Chapter One, which taught you how to create twelve different bead embroidery motifs, using nine different beadweaving stitches, this is an intermediate text. It presupposes you already know the stitches, which are widely available online, in every beading magazine, in every beginner book, and in the very basic Stitch Reference I included in Chapter One (page 97). So if you're ready for something more, gather up your beading needles and thread, foundation fabric, seed beads, and a few accent beads, and let's explore even more ways to embellish our projects with bead embroidery motifs!

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Cherie Burbach said…
Bored by backstitch! I love that title. These are just beautiful, Cyndi. I love the colors and design.
Cyndi, I absolutely LOVE the red and green one! Because of the colors and snowflake-like shape, it makes me think of Chrismas.

This book looks like a real winner.
Tammy said…
Yeah for another chapter!