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Seed bead tutorials

There are soooo many different things you can do with seed beads: string, weave off-loom or on a loom, embroider, glue, embed them in resin...there must be even more!  Here are all the seed bead tutorials and resources from Beading Arts.  Some of these are quick and dirty techniques, and some follow a larger project from beginning to end.  Enjoy!

Bead embroidery techniques

All Beading Arts e-books

Free e-book on bead embroidery stitches

Every Bead Has a Story e-book

Some Assembly Required e-book 

Bored By Back Stitch e-book

Best of the basics online

Arm Candy e-book

Seed bead components

Beaded beads tutorials


An open-centered triangle bail

Beadwoven bails for pendants

Beadwoven rope necklace wrap-up

Piano keys - Russian leaf pattern

Russian leaves - diagonal peyote stitch

Ruffled peyote stitch rope necklace

An indespiral bead rope necklace

Pearl spiral rope necklace

Chenille stitch rope necklace

Twisted herringbone rope necklace

Embellished peyote rope necklace

Russian spiral rope necklace

Beadwoven flower pendants

Teeny tiny bead embroidered pendants

An embroidered vintage napkin

A more challenging bead embroidery pendant

Recycle your mistakes into bead embroidery

An easy glass donut bead embroidery pendant

Learn bead embroidery with easy pendant projects

The Lady of Shalott (revisited) 

A bead embroidery pendant update (leopard skin jasper)

Stitch a clock motif for your bead embroidery

Right angle peyote stitch

Fierce - a Tribal Stripes bead embroidery tutorial

Tribal Stripes bead embroidered pendant

A free chapter from Bored By Back Stitch

Flat chenille stitch

Orinoco Flow bead embroidered necklace

Night Sky necklace

Waves beaded necklace

Jewel bead embroidered pendants

A bead embroidered charoite pendant

A spiral herringbone bangle

A simple spiral rope

Amethyst tree bead embroidered necklace

Bead embroidered rhodochrosite pendant

Bead embroidered leopard skin jasper pendant

Bead embroidered ammonite pendant

Square-cornered jasper bead embroidery pendant

Triple cabochon bead embroidery pendant

Black glass pendant bead embroidery

Albion stitch spark plug

Blue Rainbow

Dutch spiral earrings

How to stitch the Dutch spiral

An alien flying saucer beaded bead

A wire bracelet featuring beaded beads

Cellini spiral beaded beads

How to start an amulet bag

Turquoise bead embroidered soft cuff bracelet

All Buttoned Up: a bead embroidery pin

Freeform beadweaving and bead embroidery

Portal to Dreams

Purple pleated silk shibori ribbon bracelet tutorial

Resin "opal" pendant

Right angle weave earrings

Cellini spiral

Lilac button pendant

Dichroic glass pendant

3D pyramid form

Black + copper bead embroidered pendant

Seed bead components

3D orb form

Orthoceras pendant

Spring ribbon necklace with beaded beads (how to make brick stitch beads)

3D crescent form

Dragonfly + Heart necklace

3D circle form

Free form paua shell bead embroidered necklace 

Metal mesh bead embroidered necklace

Necklace with soutache braid trim

Pretty As You Please bracelet

Milk chocolate cuff bracelet

Bittersweet Wrap-sody cuff bracelet

Gypsy Rose shibori ribbon bracelet

Shibori ribbon bead embroidered bracelet

Bead embroidered turquoise pendant

Combining stitches in a pink bead embroidered pendant

Soutache experiments

Bead embroidered pendant with antique button

Red bead embroidered pendant with drops

A "Bezel Effects" bead embroidered pendant

Myst of Avalon

Sequintastic September

Repairing a beaded dress

Easy seed bead woven bracelet

Stringing up a beaded bead necklace

Metal mesh pins

Bead embroidered paua shell centerpiece

My TAST quilt for 2012

Seed bead necklace

Geometric bead embroidery

Beaded Lily necklace

Ancient Waves necklace

Lava bead embroidered necklace 

Brass wire flower necklace 

Beaded turtles

Woven seed bead bezel for a lampwork bead

Sequin and bead quilt

A beaded hair comb

Peyote spiral ring bracelet

Beaded postcards

Turquoise tube bead necklace

A free form peyote necklace 

Blossoms of the Moonlit Waves 

A bead embroidered bracelet with cabochons

Making an easy bezel for a curved surface

Perth the Turtle finds a home (spiral rope)

Polymer clay beaded cabochon

Ocean Lariat

Beaded ornaments for your tree or table

Beaded ornament covers

Midnight at the Oasis

Floral seed bead chain

Embroidered cuff bracelets

Making barnacles with seed beads

Autumn Vines

A sparkling rivoli pendant

Dark Lady

A wrapped paua necklace

Free form seed bead necklace

Spiral square stitch

Autumn Arbor

Beaded cabochon pendants 

A free form beaded bauble

Beaded flowers

Floral bead embroidered necklace

Interesting spiral

Deco scarab necklace

Lady of Shalott

Treasure Chest: a basic bead embroidered project

Peyote stitch a beaded bead

The spiral stitch

A free form beaded pendant from a geode

Two drop peyote beaded beads

Right angle weave bezel and bail

Cigar box handbag

A simple square stitch bail

Twisted peyote spiral necklace

Simple cuff bracelet


A huge selection of all sorts of beads...everything you can imagine

Delicas and other Japanese seed beads in all sizes, fancy shapes

Empyrean Beads
Many antique and vintage seed beads

Seed beads with dichroic coating ~ fantastic!

Great selection of Japanese seed beads with quantity discounts.

Beyond Beadery 
A site which tends to have all the newest shapes and colors.

Rings and Things
A huge selection of larger seed beads and mixtures

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