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Book review: Enameling Made Easy

A small hand-held butane torch...that's not so scary, is it?  You don't have to have a large torch set-up or a kiln to made gorgeous enamel projects, thanks to Anat Silvera and her new Kalmbach publication, Enameling Made Easy.

This is a great book for beginners because Anat starts with the absolute basics.  But not just enameling basics: metalworking techniques too!  There is so much more than just basics, though, and every technique is backed up by an included DVD!!  The book also has a clever spiral-bound design so that you can leave it open as you work through the techniques and projects.

And the projects...oh, the projects!  You might not want to do every single one of them, but it would a really good idea to look at all of them and read through carefully since the skills build upon earlier skills.  I said before that it's not a book just for beginners.  If you follow along the journey, you can try your hand at cloisonne, plique-a-jour, sgraffito, stenciling, and more.  Not baby stuff, huh?  But the directions are so clear, I swear even I could do it (maybe!).

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