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Beaded pendant

handmade beaded jewelry
handmade beaded jewelry

This beaded pendant is constructed around a vintage eyeglass lens! I'll be writing a how-to in the near future.

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Betzie said…
Hi Cyndi!
I just love your work. It really inspires me to try more things. I love this pendant and can't wait to see your instructions. I'd love to try one of my own. I also adore your beaded necklaces and neck pieces...gorgeous!
One of my favorites is "Dreamers"...
I visit your blog often and hope you never stop creating!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Betzie, that's so sweet of you :-)

The instructions for "Dreamers" will actually be coming out in a future issue of "Jewelry Crafts" ~ I don't know what month though!

So you can get going fast on the pendant piece without waiting for me, the trick is to felt up some wool and use that on the back of the lens. Just glue it in place and start beading!
Betzie said…
Hi again Cyndi,
A few more questions for you!
When you do your beading bendants what type of thread or wire do you use? Are you sewing the beads or wiring the beads around the pendant?

Also, how do you see those tiny holes!
I use reading glasses and I still have trouble! Is there a secret I should know about??

Thanks much!
Cyndi L said…
When it comes to seed beads, I mostly use Nymo thread. I've tried other brands and other types of thread, but Nymo is hands down my favorite. I think you should buy several small spools of different brands to try for yourself though, because it's very much one of those "opinion" things!

A secret to seeing them? Hey, who says I can *see* them? LOL!!