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"A Charmed Life"

Over the course of a couple months, a small group of my friends and I have been collaborating on a charm necklace project. I don't believe that any of us have ever met in person, but this project is working towards making us feel closer anyway!

Each participant made a charm in an "ocean" color palette that we all agreed upon. The charms were sent to me in July, and this picture is the almost finished version...I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend, and then the real fun starts!

Our necklace will be making the rounds to each of us. We will each wear it to a special event and have ourselves photographed with it. Those photos, along with a brief write-up on the event will end up being bound into small booklets for all the participants. This will be the first time I've seen pictures of some of these ladies! Isn't it weird how your friends online can be so much more real to you than some folks that you see everyday?

The last stop for our necklace will be an auction! We have not yet decided where the proceeds will go, but that will be a wonderful topic for discussion over the next couple of months while it travels from person to person!

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