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The collaborative necklace starts its rounds!

charm necklace

A Charmed Life!

So, I thought my turn to wear the necklace would be last, but an opportunity came up on Saturday, and I couldn't pass it by! My friend Debbie invited me to go with her to an art quilt show in Lowell Massachusetts. Lowell is an old mill city, and the particular building we visited was a converted mill. It is now 5 stories of...artist studios! All different shapes and sizes and contents! It was phenomenal. The show we went to see was a collaborative quilt and fiber art project by some ladies who picked a different quotation each month or so and then made a fiber piece in a pre-determined size that was inspired by the quote. We had such a great time looking at all their work, and afterwards we wandered through the building to check out some of the other open studios.

Anyway, a kind of cool thing happened. Even before we got upstairs to the show, a woman stopped us on the stairs and said, "Now, you can't just walk right by me when you're wearing a necklace that looks like that!" So we stopped and I briefly told her the story of the piece. She was very enthusiastic about it. When we got upstairs and found our show, the ladies who
were currently "on duty," so to speak, also jumped up and ran over to see the necklace! The one we had talked to on the stairs came in just at that moment and said, "You've all got to hear about this necklace. Tell them!" How cool is that?

So, the necklace went out on Monday to California to my friend Wendy. She's going to wear it to her husband's class reunion. I can't wait to see that picture!

We've got to start discussing where the proceeds will go when we auction this piece off after its travels are over. :-)

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