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Just some mindless "entertainment"

handmade beads

Last night I spent a couple of happy hours with my brain switched firmly off, making fabric beads. I find that when I have a repetitive task like this to do, it's always best to do it during a time of low brain activity anyway. Otherwise, I'm sometimes tempted to try to reach in and extract my brain through my ears!

You can't tell from this photo, but the fabric has a golden sparkley glow :-)

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Janet said…
I just did a google search yesterday about paper beads. But had not thought of fabric beads. Do you seal them with anything? I like the lavender (fav color) and if there are gold sparklies, even better.
Cyndi L said…
Hi Janet! I don't seal them because I like the frayed ends to show. But I do hit the outside of the tip with a dab of glue just to make sure there's no unrolling :-)

Not being sealed definitely makes them vulnerable to the weather.