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Beading Arts celebrates gemstones and pearls!

So many of the projects and artists that are featured here on Beading Arts use gemstones and/or pearls, but I don't think that we've ever actually devoted an entire month to just celebrating them in all their variety and splendor.  Because of the costs involved, most of us probably stick with semi-precious gemstones, but I will be featuring artists this month who use everything from humble river stones to finely cut diamonds.  The common denominator is that the work is artist designed and handmade, not mass-produced.

Do you work with gemstones or pearls?  Then I want to hear from you and have you share your work!  It doesn't matter if you do stringing, wire wrapping, embroidery, weaving, or something else entirely...we want to see what you've made.  Just email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) and let me know what you'd like to share...there's always room for more!         

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That is a beautiful necklace I love the color, stones, and beads used to make it. I enjoy working with gemstones and pearls.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Therese! Please email me and I'll feature your work this month :-)
Cyndi, this is gorgeous. Do you have a tutorial to share? I see the fiber running through and would love to do a variation of this opulent design. I'll be glad to send you a few photos of some of my pearl FW pearls!
Cyndi L said…
Yes! Thanks for reminding me...I will add it to the post as well as here:
Turquoise Finger-Woven Necklace