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Jewelry artist: Anne Renée Timmons-Harris

Artist: Anne Renée Timmons-Harris

My introduction to beads and jewelry came early. Our family's German landlady had come to America after narrowly escaping the Nazis. She had rescued her personal collection of antique Venetian glass and African trade beads, and she kept them in several small trunks that looked just like a pirate's treasure chest. We admired them together; Mrs. Kaplan shared her knowledge of bead designs and the history of beads. She passed her love of these exquisite works of art to me.

My father me named so that my initials would spell “art”. My domain name is based on my craft, designing jewelry with beads, and my name given to me by my Cherokee grandfather, "Bear".

Why do I design one of a kind jewelry? Because I'm not designing for everybody. I'm designing just for you. I want you to have something that speaks to your heart, that allows you to feel really good about yourself and whatever you're doing. I want to make the piece that gives you the extra confidence to make that presentation, sing that song, argue that brief; make that sale, get that promotion. I want them to be absolutely wowed by you. I want to make your “magic amulet”. I want to have your precious just ready and waiting. I want to create your valued treasure that you can wear and enjoy for years to come.

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