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Jewelry artist: Michele Palenik

Fine Silver Replica coin with Jadeite, green pearls, and a peridot CZ on Fine Silver center piece

Artist: Michele Palenik
Purple Cloud Studio

Freeform stick pearls with Labradorite, Replica Silver Spanish coins (part of an Odyssey Marine collection for roll-out of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in Disney!)

I am a one-woman studio and produce one-of-a-kind, mixed media Art jewelry pieces, Keepsake Memorial Jewelry for both human and furry family members, functional fused glass table ware, as well as a host of other products! Every day is a new day in Michele-land, but I truly love what I do and want to keep on doing it. I see art as a vehicle to entertain, teach, heal, or just beautify the world we inhabit. At the end of the day, I am thankful for the ability to create without boundaries...always learning something new!! I aspire to create things your family will fight over in your last will and testament!!

Mermaids Purse center piece in Fine Silver with golden pearls, iridized glass crow beads and smokey Swarovski dangles

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