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Technology and jewelry

There's an older article in  National Jeweler Network newsletter which is still extremely relevant today, and it poses an interesting question:

Technology bypasses jewelry, but what if it didn't?  Jan Brassem, the author, notes that the gorgeous designs he sees designers coming up with are not making it into mainstream department and retail chain stores. Unimaginative buyers? Too hooked on using previous sales figures so that all their stock begins to look bland and unimaginative? Too afraid (for their jobs) to take a chance?

Understandable, but sad. "The computer always trumps beauty and appeal, " Brassem writes. But what if it could be different? What if technology could be harnessed in the service of the jewelry industry to come up with new new applications for sales (like 3D web technology) and even brand new innovative categories of jewelry?

For the techno-saavy among us, I recommend reading Brassem's article. I've given you the direct link above, but I have had some difficulty in getting it to work each time. If you have trouble with it, simply go to the home page and search on the article or author. It's worth reading!

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