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Jewelry artist: Hisano Takei

Artist: Hisano Takei
Pearl Paradise

Hisano Takei has a background in metalsmithing and jewelry making. During her graduate studies, she came across the art of felting and began to incorporate her jewelry designs with wool. From industrial felt sheets to tufts of Merino wool, Takei creates one of a kind wearable objects that are sensual and elegant. She is also an instructor at community colleges.

Her latest pieces include freshwater pearls that are sewn into a wet-felted ring. Only the wearer knows the preciousness of the ring. It is the translation of feeling beautiful within, while contrasting the traditional idea of wearing jewelry: to show off your gems.

The Pearl Band Ring combines the preciousness of pearls into non-precious material using the form of a band ring.

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Shirley said…
Those rings are truly stunning, and show off a fascinating artist. Thanks Cyndi
BluMoon said…
These are lovely and so different, being a needlefelter myself I can appreciate all the work that goes into these beautiful objects.
Anonymous said…
that is so cool, and looks warm!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful designs! What amazing work.