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TAST week 3 - feather stitch

The edges of my Take a Stitch Tuesday quilt are slowly starting to fill up!  This week featured one of my favorite stitches, feather stitch, so I really enjoyed myself this afternoon, running a couple rows of the stitch along an edge and adding some shell and beads to it.

My theme for the quilt is an underwater kelp garden, so I could very easily end up adding more feather stitch before the piece is done.  I just don't want to go overboard right now, not knowing what stitches are coming up in the following weeks.  This has really been fun! 

TAST week 1 - fly stitch
TAST week 2 - blanket stitch
TAST week 3 - feather stitch

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Marian Hertzog said…
Your quilt is so pretty! The feather stitch is perfect. Love the shells.
Anonymous said…
beautiful feather stitches.
Raphaela said…
I like the manipulated cloth you create very much. Beautiful feather stitching.
Isabelle said…
I love the colors, and the stitchs are perfect
bluemuf said…
Your quilt is coming along and the feather stitch looks great.