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Calling all local bead stores!

There are great local bead stores (aka LBS) all over the country, but I don’t know about them. Sure, I can google some search terms, but seeing their web pages online is not the same as walking into them and talking with the owner and the other folks who work there.

Wanna help me out? Maybe you are an LBS owner, or you have a wonderful LBS nearby that you visit with some regularity. Would you like to see it written up and promoted here? Just drop me a comment or an email and let me know about it!   cyndi @ (remove the spaces)

I’d love to have a picture of your store, including you and your staff if it’s at all possible. Other than that, I need to know where it’s located, if it has a website, and what makes it a special place to you!

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Pat Gray said…
I don't own a bead store (yet), but my go-to place is Bead Haven in Frankenmuth, Mi ( They have a great selection of all sorts of beads from tiny seeds to huge focal beads, all sorts of metal findings, chain, cords, tools and books. I'm into stone beads and they have a decent selection there too. The staff is friendly and helpful without being pushy. And every time I go in there's something new!
Cyndi L said…
Maybe someday you will have one! :-)